Reinventing Social Casino


We have spent a long time looking at what we thought needed to be delivered to bring to the world Animal Poker. We started by looking at the current problems in the world of social poker. We believe that there is a lot of the same products out in the market with the same look and feel and the same game play. We have taken poker to a new level of excitement by adding animals as the players with great graphics and by taking these animals we have used their natural instincts and given them “Power Ups”. This “Power Ups” have kept the same concept and strategy of the great game of poker but massively increased the level of fun and excitement.


Our dream is to build products that provide a legacy for generations. We have realised that the worlds oldest game has an issue at present. Less people are playing poker online for several reasons and we have tried to address that with our new game. We found that a lot of the games out there in the market are the same and that also makes acquiring the users that more difficult which has a knock on effect to the difficulty of keeping those users playing. By realising the problem we came up with a way to make Poker different but without changing the game its self – we have made the game fresh, exciting and with a twist never seen before. We have added a layer of strategy that will result in enhanced engagement with the game.


Daniel Kashmir


Internet entrepreneur. Built and managed several successful online companies. Strong ability to build unique teams with challenging goals.

Ohad Broide


Executive with track record of delivering world-class large scale products across various technologies. A Product champion who’s passionate about the psychology behind the users’ decisions and experience.

Omri Arad

Director of Product

A passionate product manager with extensive experience in the gaming industry, worked with Plarium, creating different social games.

Yoni Sidi

Biz dev

Marketing expert with over 12 years of experience in driving acquisition, PR & business development. Having worked with William Hill Online.

Tshai Shmuel

VP monetization

Expert in monetization, retention and user flow, having worked with the likes of William Hill and Slotsfarm (gaming application).

Tanya Dolgitser

Art Director

Experienced and passionate concept artist, pouring life into game concepts managing a team of talented artists.

Baruh Matsliah

Server Lead

Senior Software Engineer, experienced leading backend technologies for different gaming companies like: Diwip (acquired by Tangelo Games) and Mytopia (acquired by 888)

Omer Eizenberg

Client Lead

Unity Specialist. An experienced enthusiastic software developer with a borderline-crazy passion for technology, breathes games.